Kargo Modular Furniture


Moving is always a challenging process. Things get lost, misplaced, broken and left behind. Often times it’s not practical to move larger  furniture and we are forced to pass it on. The new home is usually unfurnished and it can take weeks to acquire the  the comforts of home you once had. Eventually you are left with what remains of your most prized possessions and a mountain of empty boxes.


Kargo is a nomadic modular furniture system. A few simple parts easily connect – 6 panels fit together to make up a single modular cube. Panels can be standard, have handles, or have leg mounts. One side of each panel is white or colored melamine, the other side is wood. Choose the wood side for moving, the other for furniture use – one side stays nice, the other side takes the beating. Optional accessories include cushions, drawers, colors, labels, flat brackets for cube connections, and different leg designs. Several cubes fit together to create unlimited options for storage and furniture.